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Pokémon Go Meetups, Subreddits, and Groups in Washington, D.C.

To catch ‘em all, you’re going to need to some extra help

There is so much you need to learn to truly succeed at Pokémon Go. While a mobile game, it comes with its share of obstacles, such as figuring out where to find certain Pokémon, gyms, and Pokéstops. Rather than try to understand the game on your own, it’s better to join a group of like-minded people who are able to share tips and tricks.

Below, Curbed has compiled the best Pokémon Go-focused groups from Reddit, Facebook, and Meetup. If there is another group that should be added, be sure to speak up by leaving a comment or emailing


Pokémon Go DC

Silph Road DC


Pokémon Go DC

Pokémon Go: DC/MD/VA

Washington, D.C. Trainer Association


Pokémon Go DMV

Arlington Trainers PokeBrunch