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Every Pokéstop and Gym in Washington, D.C., Mapped

Crowdsourcing at its nerdiest

Looking for a new gym to conquer? Or maybe a Pokéstop to nab some in-game items? The Washington Post has you covered with their crowdsourced map of every Pokéstop and gym in the greater Washington region.

The map points with the Pokéballs are Pokéstops, while the Pikachus are gyms. Pokéstops are areas where players are able to gather free in-game items like potions. Gyms on the other hand are areas where players are able to battle.

If interested in contributing to the above map, be sure to fill out this form with an address, intersection, or business name.

For those more in search of certain types of Pokémon, check out Curbed’s crowdsourced map here.

Want a more thorough explainer of this new mobile game taking the nation by storm? Head on over to this explainer here.