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Where Are Washington, D.C.’s Most Instagrammable Walls and Street Art?

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Thanks to this map, Washington, D.C. residents and tourists are able to discover every single mural, tag, and outdoor sculpture in the city. With over 200 mapped, though, it can be a little daunting. How about we narrow it down to 20 or so.

Are there any particular murals or outdoor sculptures that have always been your favorite? Let Curbed know in the comments or email The nominated artworks will be compiled in a handy map.

For those who occasionally make trips up to the Big Apple, here’s a completed map of the most Instagrammable walls and street art in New York City.

NEW mural by James Bullough spotted at 905 U Street NW // #DCMurals

A photo posted by @dcmurals on

Elizabeth Taylor mural in NW by Byron Peck and Ivo Koytchev // #DCMurals

A photo posted by @dcmurals on