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Pokemon Go Player Defaces Meridian Hill Park Sign

Once again, Pokemon Go players are creating problems in Washington, D.C.

UPDATE: The sign has been cleaned up.

This is why we can’t have nice things, Pokemon Go players. On the Washington, D.C. subreddit, a user named, Arthur-Vandalay, posted the above photo, showing a defaced sign in Meridian Hill Park with the words, "Team Mystic."

Team Mystic is one of three teams in the newly released mobile game, Pokemon Go. The other teams are named Team Instinct and Team Valor. By choosing a team, Pokemon Go players are able to compete by trying to take control of as many gyms as possible. The more gyms overtaken, the more street cred that team gains.

While Pokemon Go players do taunt one another for being on opposing teams, there was little public approval on the graffiti from Reddit users. One user named logitaunt wrote, "Ugh, I feel so disgusted."

This isn’t the first instance of the game negatively affecting the public in Washington, D.C. Just recently, the Holocaust Museum asked visitors to cease using the game while in the site. "Playing the game is not appropriate in the museum, said Holocaust Museum Communications Director Andrew Hollinger to The Washington Post.

The National Park Service has also had to ask Pokemon Go players to be more mindful. In a statement, the National Park Service said, "Yes, it might be tempting to go after that Snorlax near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, or the Venusaur hanging out in the chamber of the Jefferson Memorial, but remember that there are places of solemn reflection here on the National Mall where playing Pokémon just isn’t appropriate."

Have you seen any other instances of Pokemon Go negatively affecting businesses, sites, or people in Washington, D.C.? Let Curbed DC know by leaving a comment or emailing