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Facade Styles in Washington, D.C., Mapped

Brick facades are the most popular architectural style in the city

Can you really judge a home by its facade? Maybe not, but you can certainly map it. Just recently, the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development (DMPED) released a chart created by DataLensDC founder Kate Rabinowitz that shows which areas of Washington, D.C. have the most brick facades, aluminum facades, wood facades, and so on.

According to the DMPED website, over three-quarters of home facades in Washington, D.C. are brick. Additionally, a trend was found that the older the neighborhood, the higher the chance that the homes have brick facades. The highest diversity of facades are found in Wards 3 and 8.

For more cool charts, graphs, and maps with data on the nation’s capital, check out DataLensDC here.