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The District Playlist: 25 Songs Referencing Washington, D.C.

From Fugazi to P.J. Harvey

Get your headphones ready. It's time to enjoy some good tunes, capital-style. Below, you'll be able to find 25 songs, each with their own references to Washington, D.C. Many of these artists are local (e.g., Tarica June, Fugazi), while some aren't from the District at all (e.g., The Postal Service).

In April 2014, Curbed listed a few songs that referenced D.C., and many Curbed readers responded with their suggestions. Many of these suggestions were used to create this comprehensive list.

Were there any songs left out? Let Curbed know in the comments.

1. Tarica June

2. P.J. Harvey

3. Fugazi

4. Wale

5. Priests

6. Chain & The Gang

7. Parliament

8. Donald Byrd and The Blackbyrds

9. Walter Reed

10. Beauty Pill

11. The Postal Service

12. The Magnetic Fields

13. The Funk Ark and Asheru

14. Three

15. Tuscadero

16. Unrest

17. Me’Shell N’DegeoCello

18. Chisel

19. Chuck Brown

20. Smart Went Crazy

21. E.D. Sedgwick

22. Bad Brains

23. Hot Snakes

24. Mambo Sauce

25. Leadbelly

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