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Anyone Want a River Taxi?

Because there's one up for grabs

Commuting is hard on land. How do you think it is on water? This 2002-built commercial vessel is on the market, certified and ready for tours. Up to 24 passengers are able to be seated in the boat with a crew of two. According to the listing, the seller is giving away his Trident 45 "to do other things."

The American River Taxi service opened in Washington, D.C. in 2010 with a travel time between stops from 20 to 35 minutes. On Yelp, the American River Taxi has a four out of five star rating. There are only six reviews, and the latest one is from 2012. When it was in service, the water taxi journeyed from three stops: Georgetown, the Southwest Waterfront, and Ballpark Boathouse at Diamond Teague Park, located behind Nationals Park. The American River Taxi website isn't functioning anymore.

If interested in purchasing this vessel, the price comes to $46,900.

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