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Woodley Park Residents Fight Against Plans to Replace Marriott Hotel

Residents see the 1.5 million-square-foot project as just too big

There are plans to replace the nearly 100-year-old Wardman Park Marriott Hotel in Woodley Park with a roughly 1,500-unit residential development, and it looks like those plans aren’t so popular for some residents. The entire project will span 1.5 million square feet with five buildings and over 1,000 underground parking spaces built.

Washington Business Journal reported that a group of residents, called "The Woodley Regulars," argued that if Maryland-based firm JBG Companies’ plans are approved, then Woodley Park’s population will more than double, creating strain to nearby schools, fire departments, and "every other facet of our neighborhood." The group further told the Washington Business Journal that they do not oppose the entirety of the developer’s proposal and that they would approve some retail "within reasonable limits."

Below, the Washington Business Journal set forth the requests made by the Woodley Regulars:

The group suggests charging JBG a development impact fee to ensure it is the developer that bears the costs of its project's impact. It wants at least a portion of the units set aside as affordable (a requirement as part of the PUD process). It rejects any walls or gates that create "elite/restricted access." It wants JBG to contribute land or funding to expand the Oyster School, or to build a new school. And it wants continued community access to open spaces, swimming pools, sports courts, exercise facilities and roof decks.

The developer is expected to file two planned unit developments this Friday. According to UrbanTurf, the first phase will involve constructing an eight-story, 119-unit residential building fronting Woodley Road NW. The four other buildings will effectively replace the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel with an eight-story, 314-unit building, a 12-story, 598-unit building, a 12-story, 245-unit building, and a 14-story, 371-unit building.

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