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90 Percent of Curbed Pollsters Believe This Cleveland Park Home is Overpriced

This home is listed for $3 million

This week, Curbed readers were asked to guess how much this five-bedroom, four-bathroom single-family home in Cleveland Park is worth. With 73 responses by the time of this article’s publication, there were only seven who voted the correct answer, which is $3 million. The majority of voters were between $2 million (21 voters) and $1.5 million (20 voters).

While the price might seem pretty steep, there are listings in the neighborhood that are priced just as high if not higher. On the same block, this six-bedroom home sold for $2.99 million in July 2015, while this four-bedroom home sold for $2.505 million in December 2015. Only a block away, this six-bedroom single-family home sold for $5.33 million in October 2015. Out of the 17 Cleveland Park homes currently listed on Redfin, this single-family home ranks as the fifth most expensive.

This 5,159-square-foot listing comes with a front porch, rear deck, and skylights. In the kitchen, there is a large island with a built-in stove. There is also an attached garage.

What do you think of this listing? Is it priced too high, or does it make sense for the neighborhood?

3030 Macomb Street NW [Redfin]