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Developers Are Invited to Revitalize Anacostia’s Gateway

Who will redevelop the entrance to Historic Anacostia?

The gateway to Historic Anacostia is up for grabs and ready for redevelopment. The D.C. government released a Request for Proposals (RFP) from developers who may redevelop the vacant parcel at 1909 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and the vacant lot and storefronts at 1201-1215 Good Hope Road SE for small to medium scaled commercial and mixed-use developments.

In the MLK Gateway Community RFP, it states that the District will only consider proposals that utilize both sites on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and Good Hope Road SE.

The parcel at Good Hope Road SE is composed of five lots and has a land area totaling 13,287 square feet with roughly 141 feet of street frontage. The four vacant buildings currently on the site are in the process of being stabilized, which involves restoring the original storefront design and completing necessary structural repairs. The site at Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE contains 5,400 square feet of land area with roughly 54 feet of street frontage.

Both of these sites are zoned C-3-A. Below, you'll find the summary of this particular Zone District from the D.C. Office of Zoning website:

Permits matter-of-right medium density development, with a density incentive for residential development within a general pattern of mixed-use development to a maximum lot occupancy of 75% for residential use and 100% for all other uses, a maximum FAR of 4.0 for residential and 2.5 FAR for other permitted uses and a maximum height of sixty-five (65) feet. Rear yard requirements are twelve (12) feet; one family detached dwellings and one family semi-detached dwellings side yard requirements are eight (8) feet.

Both sites are located in the Anacostia Historic District, so developers will need to get approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board before any construction can occur.

Both of these sites are located a half a mile away from the Anacostia Metro station and are within walking distance to the planned 11th Street Bridge Park. Across the street from the Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE site will eventually be a Busboys & Poets as well as the new headquarters of the Far Southeast Family Support Collaborative. On the same corner of this site will be a new Walgreens Pharmacy. Across the street from the Good Hope Road SE site is the Anacostia Gateway Office Building.

The deadline to submit an RFP is August 26, 2016.

For more information, be sure to check out this RFP.

MLK Gateway Community Request for Proposals [D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development]