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Anacostia Rent Comparison: What Under $3,000/Month Rents You

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From an English basement to a garden building, see what your options are in this Southeast D.C. neighborhood

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various Washington, D.C. neighborhoods. Today, Curbed will focus solely on Anacostia with the goal to find rentals asking under $3,000/month.

↑ For $2,700/month, this newly renovated home is on the market with a finished basement and a washer and dryer. The listing indicates that there are five bedrooms and only one bathroom. Hopefully, that’s an error. The entire space spans 1,575 square feet and also features a private rear garage.

↑ In this garden building, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is on the market with 1,406 square feet of space. It’s asking $1,495/month and offers amenities like a fitness room, swimming pool, and playground.

↑ This one-bedroom, one-bathroom English basement apartment features a renovated kitchen, a washer and dryer, and off-street parking. The rent for the 632-square-foot unit is $2,940/month.

↑ With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this single-family home is on the market for $2,100/month. Unfortunately, there are no photos or further details of the listing, except that it spans 1,176 square feet.