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Welcome to Curbed's First-Ever Anacostia Week

Running from June 13 to 17

Anacostia is one of Washington, D.C.’s most tight-knit communities as well as one of its most neglected.

Earlier last year, The Washington Post described Anacostia as "emerging at last." While rising housing prices and developments on the horizon like the 11th Street Bridge Park caught the publication’s attention, these changes have caused long-time residents to become nervous at the aspect of gentrification. Furthermore, commenters of the article asked what exactly the publication meant by the neighborhood’s emergence — emergence from what to what exactly?

In comparison to other Northwest neighborhoods, Curbed doesn’t often shed a light on Southeast neighborhoods like Anacostia, but from now until Friday, Curbed will focus on Anacostia’s real estate, up-and-coming developments, history, and residents.

It was because of a poll from this past April that Anacostia Week was formed. Over 550 Curbed readers responded to the poll asking them which D.C. neighborhood they would like to see in the spotlight. 37.43 percent, or 210 respondents, voted for the Southeast neighborhood, Anacostia.

If you are a current or previous resident who has something to say on Anacostia, be sure to hit the tipline.