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Union Station's Main Hall Completes Restoration

Improvements, repainting, and no more scaffolding

For the first time in roughly 50 years, Union Station's Main Hall is uncovered and without scaffolding. Since 2012, the 219-feet-by-120-feet room has been under restorations to install steel framing and repair the damages done from an earthquake in 2011.

Just recently, work on the Main Hall was completed along with repainting, re-gilding, and new gold leafing applied. The heating and air-conditioning systems were also improved.

According to a press release, the grant was largely made possible by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a $350,000 donation from American Express to Union Station.

"Construction Complete in Union Station’s Main Hall – Room is Unobstructed for the first time in 50 years!" [PoPville]