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Guess How Much This Tenleytown Rental is Worth

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from a listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. Tomorrow we reveal the answer. And hey, no cheating!

What/Where: 5-bed, 2.5-bath house

Square Footage: 1,200

Across from Fort Reno Park, this rental is up for grabs with a close location to a Whole Foods, CVS, and Safeway. According to the listing, the entire property has been renovated, and all of the bathrooms have been gutted and redone. The floors, carpet, and paint are also new. There is a fenced backyard as well as a full size washer and dryer. The tenant is responsible for all of the utilities. With all of this, do you think you can guess how much this Tenleytown rental is asking? Cast your vote below.