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Capitol Hill's Shakespeare Theatre to Become Mixed-Use Complex

Expect office, retail, and residential

Goodbye, Shakespeare Theatre Company. Hello, brand new mixed-use complex. Capitol Hill Corner reported that there are plans to redevelop the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s rehearsal space at 507 8th Street SE for retail, office, and residential space.

The plan calls for 6,500 square feet of retail on the first floor, 6,500 square feet of office on the second floor, and 12 studio apartments on the third and fourth floors.

In order to make the building suitable for retail and office space, the property will have to be gutted, given a new facade, and reconstructed with extra floors, reported Capitol Hill Corner.

The rehearsal space will be relocated to 6th and Eye streets SW. There are no reports yet as to when this relocation will take place.

Barracks Row Shakespeare Site to Become Retail/Office/Residential [Capitol Hill Corner]