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Totally Renovated Southwest Co-Op Offers Stunning Waterfront Views

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Everything from the doors to the lighting was redone


In the summer of 2011, Washington, D.C. resident Al Salas began renovating a co-op that at first he thought he would have to pass on.


"When walking into that place for the first time ... I first thought it was too much. I can't deal with this," he said.

The unit was first built in 1966 and was largely untouched. The floors were in terrible shape, and there was very little lighting. Further problems included leaking in the bathrooms, and a kitchen that was cramped inside a nine-foot-by-nine-foot space.

What caught his eye about the Southwest Waterfront unit and in the end helped him settle was not only the development's proximity to up-and-coming neighborhoods like Navy Yard, it was the view. From the co-op, Salas described the ever-present waterfront views as what caused him to believe that he would stay in the home forever.

Soon, he will be moving to Delaware, and that means that his totally renovated co-op is up for grabs.

The kitchen is Salas' favorite space. "We cook together several nights a week, and it's such a generous space. It's amazing," he said.

To transform the space, he knocked down the wall of the enclosed the room and added an 11-foot-long peninsula as well as laundry.

Between the den and living room, a wall was also knocked down in order to see the wood-burning fireplace, which was refaced with stone. Previously, there was a wet bar, but it was replaced with an office space.

During the renovation, all of the doors were replaced with custom height doors just under the 8 foot height of the ceilings. Recessed lighting was also installed along with bamboo flooring.

There are a total of three bedrooms and three bathrooms in the space. The price totals to $1.495 million with $2,460 monthly co-op fees. [UPDATE: The co-op fees include property taxes and utilities.] Some of the amenities offered with the listing include a 24-hour front desk, pool, gym, and shared rooftop deck. The location also a sight to behold as it's only a block away from the Waterfront Metro station.