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Brookland's Monroe Street Bridge Will Be Replaced by This One

Also expect new sidewalks, lighting, traffic signals, and landscaping

Around this time next year, construction will begin on a brand new bridge connecting the Brookland and Edgewood neighborhoods. Greater Greater Washington reported that this new three-span steel bridge will replace the one currently on Monroe Street NE and will include new landscaping, traffic signals, sidewalks, and lighting.

Greater Greater Washington further reported that this new bridge will be constructed in two phases. During both phases, the bridge will not be completely closed. First, the northbound side will close, and then during the second phase, the southbound side will close.

According to the District Department of Transportation website, the Monroe Street Bridge was constructed in 1931. It hasn't been repaired and partially reconstructed since 1974. Since 2014, the District Department of Transportation has been preparing the process to rehabilitating the damage and corrosion done to the bridge's concrete.

Brookland is getting a new bridge at Monroe Street [Greater Greater Washington]