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Big Reveal: $3K/Month for a Two-Bed Cathedral Heights Apartment

The majority was right on this one

Almost half of the voters in this week's PriceSpotter were able to correctly guess the price of this two-bedroom Cathedral Heights apartment. With 47 total responses to Curbed's poll, 21 voted that $3,000/month was the right price for this rental. 13 voted that $2,500/month was a better offer, and 10 voted that $3,500/month seemed like a more accurate price. Only three respondents voted that $2,000/month or $4,000/month made sense for the unit.

This apartment comes with a renovated kitchen and bathrooms. It unfortunately doesn't have a washer and dryer, but there is shared laundry in the development. Along with shared laundry, the building also offers amenities like an on-site convenience store, fitness center, and Wi-Fi lounge.

4201 Massachusetts Ave NW [Zillow]