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Criticisms Abound for Plans for Halfway House in Lower Barracks Row

According to Councilmember Charles Allen, the location should be changed

A resident rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C., known as Core DC LLC, submitted plans for a 300-bed halfway house in 810 Potomac Avenue SE, reported Capitol Hill Corner. Councilmember Charles Allen has shown opposition to these plans in a letter to the Bureau of Prisons, writing that the location is "not the right site" due to zoning and proximity to a charter school. The members of ANC6B are also opposed to the plans with a 8-0 vote this past Thursday.

Capitol Hill Corner reported that on the same block as the proposed halfway house is an open-air beer garden, a "tavern/nightclub" that serves the LGBT community, a 190-unit mixed-income apartment building currently under construction, and two condo projects currently under construction, one at 815 Potomac Avenue and one at 801 Virginia Avenue.

What do you think of the plans? Do you agree with Allen and the members of ANC6B, or do you disagree?

Rehab Center Proposes 300 Bed Facility for Lower Barracks Row Neighborhood [Capitol Hill Corner]