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Taylor Gourmet Owner Buys Converted Music School, Offers Celebratory Dinner

That's one way to thank a seller

As a farewell gift to the family that owned this H Street Corridor townhome, Casey Patten, owner of Taylor Gourmet, provided a dinner for over 30 people. The main course? Hoagies, of course. [UPDATE: The former owners informed Curbed that the lunch was in exchange for a baby grand piano.] Three years ago, the owner also gave away five years of free hoagies to the purchaser of his former Chinatown condo.

His new home has a long history as a music school. It was in the late 1940s that the residence was converted to the Washington Junior College of Music and Education before returning to being a residence in the 1970s. One of Washington, D.C.'s most prominent 19th century architects, Appleton Prentiss Clark Jr., constructed the townhome in c. 1893. The architect is known for constructing the Embassy of Syria and the U.S. Civil Service Commission Building.

If anticipating the need for a new home (or hunger for some sandwiches) in the next few years, maybe keep your sights locked on this listing for the next time it lands on the market.

Converted Music School in H Street Corridor Wants $2.25M [Curbed DC]