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Douglas Development Darth Vader Building to Put a New Mask On

The lovingly named Darth Vader building will get a new facade, leaving it open to new monikers.

Douglas Development is going to need a new nickname for the Darth Vader building, because plans are in place to change its 1980s facade.

Studios Architecture will replace the darkness with a light-colored, reflective siding of glass. Other changes? The lobby will open to the Massachusetts and Second Street NW. And 95,400 square feet will be added, making its total size 325,000 square feet. And, when it's all done, the building will go through the paces of becoming LEED Gold certified. Vegetated walls that cascade down the sides will also lend an eyecatching feature.

It seems that there's a hint of its past, though. A glass 'V' seems to cut through the front of the building, as if harkening to its soon-to-be-former last name, Vader. And maybe it will still be referred to in the same way. After all, it's legal name is Jemal's Darth Vader LLC.