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See the Architecture of Europe Without the Jetlag

This past weekend, the embassies of the European Union opened their doors of their embassies to reveal rarified tours of their spaces and tours of their culture.

ICYMI, you could have gone to the European Union this weekend without a ticket. Or, at least to their embassies. The EU member states opened their doors to share their culture through music, dance, food, film, and art.

Participating nations included Croatia, Denmark,Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Each country offered a glimpse into their culture and usually-not-open-to-the-public interiors of their embassies. Luxembourg presented a 'tablescape' with traditional porcelain dishes to exemplify one of its key historic industries.

If you did miss this one, fear not. Passport DC 2016, which is the monthlong festival of which the embassy tours are a part of, is still happening this month. Coming up next is the National Asian Heritage Festival: Fiesta Asia on May 21, and the Embassy Chef Challenge Gala on May 25. And there's always next year.