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Microliving at Its Finest in U Street for $289K

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Here's your chance to get in on U Street living for under $300K. You can do it.

Without much to spend, comparatively speaking, to other homebuyers in the District, it's still possible to live well. With a few concessions. Like living in a unit that's about 400 square feet or so.

But that space is so well used. The home is expertly staged in soft shades of au currant gray, neutrals, and dark furniture. And zones appear for all the necessities of city living: a space to leave keys before the doorway, a sleeping space, and a kitchen area with barstools at the island to eat. Arguably, there isn't much counter space with the sink eating most of the counter availability, but if you're grateful to live in a great area without outlaying a lot of cash, you might just like it.