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The New Watergate Hotel Unleashes a Vibe of Covert Retro Chic

With consulting from Mad Men's costume designer and a focus on Italian design, this $125 million renovation may pay off for a new energy to come to this old landmark hotel.

The word Watergate immediately conjures up images of secrecy and scandal, set against the backdrop of 1972. So this hotel has a lot of equity in the concept of intrigue. Not to mention it also boasts an ideal location--next to the JFK Center for the Performing Arts, with full circle iconic views that include the Pentagon and the Potomac River from the sleek rooftop bar, Top of the Gate. And inside, The Next Whisky Bar seductively displays whiskey bottles in curvilinear shelves that promised to wrap a sultry air among its patrons.

Since 1967, the 10-acre, 336-room property was established as the area's first mixed-use development and the first property to be designed with a computer. With no right angles to be found from architect Luigi Moretti, the experience is awash in smooth curves that contrast to the classical buildings that stand just outside its walls.

Now, the feeling of forty years ago, in a good way, is established in the decor. Neutral and lush leather permeate the space. Moroso, an Italian interior designer, made the space feel very modern and retro simultaneously. Janie Bryant, the costume designer to Mad Men, consulted on staff uniforms.

And now, the hotel is ready to bring you back in time for your next adventure. Don't forget your bellbottoms for the most believable Instagram photos.