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Split Tries to Wedge Itself Into the Ridesharing Realm of DC Transportation

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In a world where Uber and Lyft dominate, DC has another way to get around town.

When living in the city, it's always good to have options. Especially with transportation. The Metro can only go so far, with wait times that are more than what you bargained for because of repair, closures, and the new midnight curfew. And when heavyweights like Uber employ tactics like surge pricing to boost driver supply but hurt your wallet, it's good to know what else is out there. Especially if there's any interest in supporting locally-born startups like Split.

Some residents have used Split, the smartphone app that introduced ridesharing about a year ago. But with $10 billion investment dollars, the business has only 100 drivers in the area, compared to the 30,000 plus drivers from Uber.

However, the app has been growing, and may be able to continue to if tourism continues its record-breaking streak. In the meantime, the Metro misfortune may be the best thing for Split's projections.