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House of Cards Inspired These Adorable D.C. Rowhouse Sculptures

At first, Tamara Gentuso was bored with architecture. "I really had not thought of it as anything. It's buildings, and it didn't seem to have much life to me," she said. After a long weekend in Washington, D.C. and an episode of Netflix's TV series House of Cards, though, she had a change of heart. Now, houses are all she thinks about — or at least sculpts.

In early 2015, she began sculpting the row houses found in Washington, D.C., from Second Empire style row houses to Victorian style row houses.

Gentuso said, "As I've been studying and sculpting, I've just been amazed at how much character, how much personality different architectural styles have."

Her interests don't stop at the nation's capital. She has also completed sculptures of the row houses found in San Francisco and Pittsburgh along with wee residences barely taller than a quarter and gingerbread houses that look good enough to eat.

Gentuso is a Nashville-based artist who works in a variety of mediums, from photography to sculpting. While she never went to a university for art, she was formally trained in a nine-week course at The Clay Lady's Campus in Nashville.

For now, Gentuso is planning on continuing her row house series with a few from Washington, D.C. and Nashville.

Want a home sweet home of your own? You can check purchase some of Gentuso's sculptures here and even custom order your own ceramic house sculpture.

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