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Plans, Renderings Revealed for RFK Stadium

An NFL stadium or an arena or smaller amenities throughout the site

Rendering via Events DC

Earlier this week, Events DC and architecture firm OMA revealed to the public the plans in store for the 190-acre RFK Stadium-Armory Complex. The new vision for the site, which is mostly composed of parking lots, is to create a new waterfront area with family-friendly and cultural activities.

Because of the National Park Service's lease on the site, which doesn't expire until 2038, the land must be used for a stadium. With the lease in place, Events DC and OMA have planned both short-term and long-term options. DCist reported that potential programming includes an ice skating rink, indoor track center, amphitheater, splash park, band shell, and sports fields. There is also potential for an aquarium or science museum. Greater Greater Washington also reported that there is space for a market, urban farm, community garden, and dog park.

There are two major concepts for the site and three options for "anchor" facilities. These options include a 65,000-seat NFL stadium, a 20,000-seat indoor arena, and a "no anchor" option.

If a 65,000-seat NFL stadium is constructed, there will be roughly 8,700 parking spaces built under the structure. There will also be a covered pedestrian promenade and retail strip along the eastern front of the buildings, according to Greater Greater Washington. On the west side, there will be a "flex zone" open area with a bandshell and Robert F. Kennedy Memorial. For this plan, known as "North-South Axis," the street network surrounding the complex will be redesigned.

The second option, known as "Stitch," will build a 20,000-seat arena with 6,900 parking spaces dispersed throughout the area. The street network will not be redesigned, but there will be new pedestrian walkways and surface streets. There would also be a range of new amenities.

There is still no word on the budget be for each option, but Events DC hopes to complete the smaller projects within the next five years.

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