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The 8th Annual 'Potholepalooza' Has Begun

See how fast potholes are being repaired in Washington, D.C.

Is there a pesky pothole in your neighborhood that's been driving you nuts while you drive? Starting in the month of April, the D.C. government is getting down to business when it comes to pothole repairs with more crews on the road. This year, the public will be able to track the campaign progress with an interactive map (seen above) that updates on a daily basis.

The standard for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is to repair potholes within three business days of the time they are reported, according to the DDOT's website.

In order to report any potholes you pass, the public can call the Mayor's Call Center at 311, tweet to @DDOTDC, or visit the DDOT's website.

Mayor Bowser Kicks Off 8th Annual ‘Potholepalooza’ [HillRag]