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White House Fence May Be Raised to 11 Feet High

Plans also include making the fence stronger

Photo via Wikimedia Commons/AgnosticPreachersKid

In order to avoid future instances of fence-jumpers, the U.S. Secret Service plans on raising the height of the security fence around the White House by five feet, reported NBC4. To do so, the plans must be approved by the National Capital Planning Commission. The Secret Service will present these plans on May 5. The current fence is six feet high.

Other plans include adding 1¾-inch pickets and taller gates near entrances to the grounds, according to NBC4. No timeline has been made just yet for these plans.

Around this same time last year, the Secret Service proposed a myriad of other ideas to make the White House safer. These included an electrified fence, solid wall, and a moat. Sharp fence clip-ons, called "pencil points," were approved and added in 2015.

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