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Dupont Underground's Minecraft-like Art Exhibit Opens Saturday

Get your ticket while you still can

The first ever art installation in Dupont Underground is set to open in only a few days. From April 30 to June 1, guests will be able to interact with over 650,000 plastic balls in the installation, titled, "Raise/Raze," which will be located in the east platform of the subterranean trolley station under Dupont Circle.

Each ball will be arranged in 3x3x3 cubes with velcro attached. The velcro will allow guests to be able to drag and drop the cubes into different arrangements. In the east platform, there will be five zones with different themes: government buildings, walls of text, a cave, forest, and spherical shells.

To attend, the public was able to make reservations in advance by contributing to Dupont Underground's Indiegogo campaign. The campaign raised $30,520, which was under the $100,000 goal.

Guests are also able to make a reservation on Eventbrite with a ticket price of $16.82. Out of a total 106 time slots, only 21 are still available to the public.

Minecraft-like Art Exhibit to Open at Dupont Underground [Curbed DC]

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