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Anacostia Will Have its Own Theme Week in June

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Congratulations to this Southeast neighborhood

It's official. Anacostia is the winner of Curbed DC's first neighborhood theme week. What this means is that throughout the second week of June, Curbed will celebrate the history, culture, and real estate in this Southeast neighborhood.

Is there something specific that you would like Curbed to focus on? Let us know by leaving a comment or emailing

From April 14 to April 22, the public was able to make their choice as to which Washington, D.C. neighborhood should get a spot in the limelight. There were a total of 561 respondents to Curbed's poll with the majority (37.43 percent) voting for Anacostia. In second place was Congress Heights, which received 19.79 percent of the votes.

To see all of the results, you can check out the poll below.

Which D.C. Neighborhood Should Have its Own Theme Week? [Curbed DC]