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Disagreements Continue Over Adams Morgan Mixed Use Project

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More outdoor space is wanted, despite the change in plans

There are a myriad of changes planned for Adams Morgan that will totally transform the area — and there's one change in particular that is causing residents to go up in arms.

Borderstan reported on D.C.-based developer PN Hoffman's plans to construct a seven-story, mixed-use building at 1800 Columbia Road NW with approximately 58 residential units. Just recently, the developer unveiled new renderings of the project, showing more outdoor space. Despite the change in plans, there are still some in the community who wish for even more tract of land in order to host a weekly farmers market and other activities.

While Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C member Billy Simpson believes that the developer "need[s] to do better," 64 percent of respondents in a poll hosted by Borderstan were in support of the project.

What do you think? Is the project still too big? Does there need to be more open space? Or is it fine the way it is?

Hostility to Adams Morgan Plaza Face-Lift Remains Despite New Plan [Borderstan]