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Big Reveal: $539K for an H Street Corridor Townhome

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Roughly one third of pollsters guessed correctly

In this week's PriceSpotter, Curbed readers were asked to guess how much this townhome in H Street Corridor is worth. Some of the details that helped lead them to the right answer included: a new patio, updated kitchen, high ceilings, and an upper level laundry room.

After browsing through the photos of the townhome, a commenter named thepixinator said, "Wow that’s weirdly narrow. I hope it’s not asking what everyone’s guessing it’s asking; it doesn’t feel like it’s worth nearly that much, despite the new finishes." Another commenter named cautionarytaleDC agreed on the listing being worth less than its ask, saying that it's really worth $225,000 despite being near the retail and restaurants in H Street NE.

When tallying up the votes, it looks like a little over a third of pollsters guessed correctly that this two-bedroom property is worth $539,900. Almost the same exact number of pollsters guessed that the listing is worth $100,000 more.

Any final thoughts on the listing and its asking price? Is it really overpriced, or is it just right for the area?

1359 Florida Avenue NE [Estately]