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Ranking NCAA Tournament Schools by Rent Prices

University of Maryland is one of the priciest to live near

Sure, the University of Maryland wasn't able to make it to the final four teams in the NCAA tournament, but it was still able to rank in third place ... for rent prices. Apartment search website ABODO ranked every participant in this year's NCAA Tournament by how expensive the average one-bedroom apartment was in each city for the month of March.

Out of every school in the tournament, the University of California is the most expensive to live near with one-bedroom apartments costing an average of $3,417/month. In second, Seton Hall University costs an average of $3,398/month to live near. On a more local level, the average one-bedroom apartment near University of Maryland in College Park costs $2,391/month.

For a closer look at the data, be sure to check ABODO's article here.

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