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Spanish Stucco Abode in Hillcrest Asks $370K

This Spanish Southeast listing offers many updates and a spacious backyard

Besides having a super unique style for Washington, D.C., this Spanish single-family home also comes with a myriad of pluses that should compel any homebuyer to snatch it up. The Hillcrest abode comes with a spacious backyard, private driveway, and a two-level extension to the back of the structure. It features three bedrooms and three bathrooms in over 2,500 square feet of space.

One issue in the house that homebuyers may not be too taken by is the somewhat shabby-looking wall-to-wall carpeting. The paint job on the ceiling also looks a little uneven, but that might just be the texture of the ceiling or bad lighting. Other than that, it doesn't look like there are any major cosmetic upgrades that need to be made.

This listing was placed on the market in November 2015 for $425,000, but was delisted as soon as it was listed. Now, it's returned with a lower price, $370,000. This listing is rather pricey for the neighborhood. According to national real estate brokerage Redfin, the median listing price for Hillcrest and Fairfax Village is $199,000.

This shouldn't be too surprising, though, as this abode has experienced quite a few updates since it was built in 1928. According to the listing, the house has an updated roof, hot water heater, and electric system. Some windows and pipings have also been updated. The garage is still in need of some work, though.

3717 Camden Street SE [Redfin]