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New App Provides Property Managers Gone Digital in D.C. and MD

Real estate goes digital, thanks to Atlas Lane

Images courtesy of Atlas Lane

There's a brand new app in Washington, D.C. and Inside-the-Beltway Maryland that allows landlords to hire their own property manager without the hunt. Atlas Lane makes collecting rent, managing tenants, and repair services by leaving it all up to smart technology.

Similarly to other websites or apps like Cozy and Nest DC, tenants are able to pay rent automatically through the app. Founder Trever Faden equates the app to the Domino's Pizza Tracker in how users are able to easily track the status of rent payments and repairs. The property managers are also at hand 24/7 and are also always ready for a call. Additionally, during tax time, landlords are provided a pre-filled Schedule E.

Furthermore, to assist homeowners with placing their houses on the market, the app utilizes comedy writers who have written for websites like ClickHole and The Onion to write language that is both entertaining and shareable.

The kind of users the app is targeting are landlords with very few units as opposed to larger boutique buildings with hundreds of residents. Already, the service has a number of users located primarily in the Northwest quadrant, though they're always accepting new clients.

To pay for everything, the landlord gives Atlas Lane an 8 percent fee on every monthly rent check, which, according to Faden, holds with market price. Don't expect the service to grow too quickly, though. Faden plans on taking his time in Washington, D.C. and Maryland first before heading to other parts of the nation.

Atlas Lane [Official Website]