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Now, Your Favorite Hiking Trail in Rock Creek Park Can be 3D Printed for All to See

Time to share your trophy with the world

We all get it. You love to hike. But how do you share your progress from Rock Creek Park with your house guests visually? That's where Nice Trails comes in. This service records one's trek into the wild and then converts the GPS file into a 3D printed display.

The little mountain can come either in all white for snowy trails or in full color. Users can also alter the height of the hills in order to display just how steep the terrain was. If interested in getting your own sandstone trophy, each Nice Trail ranges from €49 ($53) for a version measuring close to two inches long to €249 ($273) for one a little under eight inches long.

For now, be sure to plan your trip in Rock Creek Park by checking out this map or seeing trail suggestions from Curbed.

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