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New App, Music Video Series to Launch in D.C.

If Snapchat and Yik Yak had a baby, it would be Waay

While Washington, D.C. doesn't often get the Hollywood treatment it deserves, it has recently become part of a music video series that will introduce tourists and locals to the sites and sounds of various neighborhoods in the District. The first video of the series features the U Street neighborhood. In the three-minute-twenty-second video, viewers are able to see the murals, people, food, and music venues found there.

Creator of the video series, Matt Jordan and his team started the project as a way to give more transparency into each neighborhood while also promoting their startup, Waay, an app which will allow users to see what's happening around them. Still in early stages of development, the app will blend characteristics of Snapchat and Yik Yak in how users will be able to share short videos that are 10 seconds or less, and have each video geolocated to a specific location. There is no set timeline or delivery date, but it will release first in Washington, D.C. before making its way to other cities.

Image of mockup of app courtesy of Matthew Jordan

For now, when it comes to the music video series, Matt expects to continue the series and is considering Chinatown and Georgetown as well as Arlington, Virginia's Clarendon neighborhood next.