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This Shaw Townhome is Blah on the Outside, Ultra Cool on the Inside

Perfect for Airbnb too

This is the kind of renovation that requires a long and hearty whistle because — wow — talk about a job well done. While built in 1979, this five-bedroom townhome doesn't show its age at all. Inside, homebuyers can find an open floor plan with a sleek, modern kitchen, recessed lighting, and vibrant accent walls.

If judging the listing by its facade, it'd be easy to assume that it must be pretty lackluster inside, but all homebuyers have to do is cozy up to the modern fireplaces to understand that this is a townhome to take notice of. Homebuyers are also likely to enjoy how there is enough parking for two cars and a rather expansive, fenced-in backyard.

To help out with the mortgage, this property houses two units and has what the listing describes as "AMAZING Airbnb history."

929 T Street NW [Redfin]