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Kalorama's Priciest Castle Lands on Market, Asks $3.65M

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There's no dragon, but there is a pool included

Have we stepped back in time, or is this castle of a home really on the Washington, D.C. market? For the first time in over 40 years, this Kalorama single-family home is up for grabs with highlights like arched doors and windows and a leaded glass and carved stone fireplace.

With an asking price of $3.65 million, that makes this property one of the most expensive listings currently on the Kalorama market. According to the six-bedroom listing, two of the four-and-a-half bathrooms were renovated along with two A/C units. There is also a new elevator to navigate through the property's four floors. The lower level is fully finished and wood-paneled. For those who like to enjoy the outdoors, homebuyers can also enjoy the private rear patio with a garden and pool.

[UPDATE 3/30: An earlier version of this article stated that this was the priciest listing in Kalorama.]

29 Kalorama Circle NW [Redfin]