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Over 15 New Projects Unveiled for March Madness

From pools to libraries to recreation centers

From libraries to pools, 17 new projects were unveiled to local investors and businesses this past week with locations all across Washington, D.C.

The unveiling was part of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) March Madness event, which is an annual effort to create more affordable housing, jobs, and support for local business.

Below, you will be able to see a brief breakdown on what some of these new projects are and where they are located. For more information, be sure to head to the DMPED website here.

1125 Spring Road NW

Wards: 1, 4

Lot Square Footage: 144,000

This 3.3-acre site is only a few blocks away from the nearest Metro site. It currently houses a historically designated building, the former Paul Robeson School for Growth and Redevelopment, and the former Hebrew Home for the Aged.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library

Ward: 2

Building Square Footage: 431,082

The design process for the redevelopment of the MLK Library is already underway, and this summer and fall, bid opportunities will arise for construction trades on the development. The total bid opportunities the DMPED expects will be greater than $100 million for electrical demolition, masonry, fixtures, and more.

Hearst Park and Pool, 3950 37th Street NW

Ward: 3

Tennis courts in disrepair, erosion problems on the field, sidewalks that need to be redone — this project has a lot that needs to be done. Already, the Department of Parks and Recreation has hired an architecture firm, which will design through 2016. Construction services will be solicited beginning January 2017 with an anticipated start in December 2019.

Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library

Ward: 3

This summer, construction trades are anticipated with the goal to transform this library into a state-of-the-art LEED Silver-certified structure. The DMPED estimates the trades to be greater than $10 million for site demolition, masonry, fixtures, landscaping, and more.

809 and 813 Kennedy streets NW

Ward: 4

Lot Square Footage: 10,638

In the Brightwood Park area, this commercially zoned property is consisted of two contiguous parcels of vacant land. The site is intended for a multi-use or multi-family building with 30 percent minimum affordability for those making 80 percent of the area median income.

Keene School, 33 Riggs Road NE

Ward: 5

Building Square Footage: 62,730

The Deputy Mayor for Education is requesting offers for ways to renovate and reuse the Keene School. The hope is for the project to be reused as a charter school.

Crummell School, 1900 Gallaudet Street NE

Ward: 5

Lot Square Footage: 108,000

Building Square Footage: 20,000

South of the Hecht Warehouse, you can find this historic, vacant school. The site is zoned for commercial use.

Florida Avenue NW and Q Street NW

Ward: 5

Lot Square Footage: 12,402

There are a total of seven vacant lots and one to-be-razed building on this one site. Two of the lots are zoned for residential, while the rest are commercial. According to the DMPED summary, any developer wishing to snatch up the site should intend to propose a multi-family housing and commercial project with 51 percent minimum affordability for those making 90 percent of the area median income.

Edgewood Park and Recreation Center

Ward: 5

The design for the new and improved center is still in the works, but already the Department of Parks and Recreation plans site improvements like renovated tennis and basketball courts, amphitheater seating, and a new splash pad. The 2,000-square-foot recreation center on the site will be demolished.

Parking Deck at 2nd and H streets NW

Ward: 6

Square Footage: 87,000

In Mt. Vernon Triangle, this parking deck is located near the shops and restaurants in H Street NE and Gallery Place/Chinatown as well as the currently under construction Capitol Crossing project.

Southwest Neighborhood Library, 900 Wesley Place SW

Ward: 6

It's time for a fresh start for the Southwest Neighborhood Library. When this project is complete, the site will house a LEED Silver-certified facility that will be able to support hundreds of users per day.

Northwest One, North Capitol and K streets NW

Ward: 6

This surface parking lot is zoned for both residential and commercial use. Up to 800 units are allowed on the site with roughly 220 of which designated for affordable housing.

Benning Park Community Center

Ward: 7

The design process is still in the nascent phases for this community center. The plan is to modernize the property from the inside out. ADA accessibility requirements will be met along with life/safety and fire protection requirements. There will also be window replacements, renovated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, and exterior renovations to the landscape. The goal is to achieve a minimum LEED Silver certification. Expect construction to begin in the winter of 2016.

PR Harris School, 4600 Livingston Road SE

Ward: 8

Building Square Footage: 348,700

Now that the PR Harris School has been identified as excess, the property is eligible for renovations and reuse for District government tenants. It's worth noting that any reuse of the site must include the University of the District of Columbia and a training center for Fire and Emergency Medical Services

MLK Gateway, 1909 Martin Luther King Avenue SE

Ward: 8

GHR Site Lot Square Footage: 13,200

MLK Site Lot Square Footage: 5,400

This Southeast corridor is set to be revitalized with help from a potential developer. This site is located at the intersection of Good Hope Road SE and Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE. According to the DMPED summary for the project, this is "a key economic development priority for the District of Columbia." This area is zoned for commercial use.

Mayor Bowser offers properties across D.C. for economic development [The Washington Post]