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D.C.'s Most Expensive Rental Currently on the Market Costs $15,000/Month


Of course, Washington, D.C.'s most expensive rental on the market would have a historical flare attached to it. Located in Georgetown, this seven-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom single-family home was built by the District's first mayor, Henry Cooke. It stands out not only because of its rather stunning Italianate facade, but because of details like its three-story curved staircase, five fireplaces, and garage.

Over 150 Curbed readers took a guess as to how much this listing is worth. 38.06 percent believed that $25,000/month seemed like the right price, while 32.9 percent guessed correctly that the price is actually $15,000/month.

What do you think? Is it priced just right, or is the majority correct to think that this listing is worth more? Let us know in the comments.

3023 Q Street NW [Zillow]