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Capitol Hill Townhome Doubles Price After Year Off Market

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Now, shinier and pricier than ever

With a new paint job and new systems, this Capitol Hill townhome has returned to the market, shinier and pricier than ever. The listing last sold for $680,600 in January 2015 and is now asking almost double that price at $1.269 million.

During the renovation process, the facade of the home got a new paint job as well as a porch. It also looks like the brick walkway was removed for a cement one. The exposed brick inside the home looks cleaner and brighter. In order to create more space, the walls were torn down to create an open floor plan.

The modern makeover continues into the kitchen where there are stainless steel appliances, custom cabinetry, and an island with a built-in sink and breakfast bar. To top it all off, the lower level was finished, and the backyard was spruced up with new fencing, a new staircase, and a new divider for the garden.

If interested in seeing what the listing looked like a year ago, browse through the below photo gallery.

259 Kentucky Avenue SE [Redfin]