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Donald Trump's New Hotel, What to Expect for Now

Not just luxury, but 'super luxury,' whatever that means

Rendering via J Public Relations

At the moment, the 1899-built Old Post Office Pavilion is still a construction zone, littered with steel girders and dust, but by fall 2016, it is expected to be Washington, D.C.'s newest luxury hotel. This Monday, presidential frontrunner Donald Trump announced that the Trump International Hotel will deliver this September, two years ahead of schedule. Other than saying that the "rooms are almost complete — super luxury," there were no other details Trump was willing to provide on the development's progress.

All in all, the entire event was meant to promote his candidacy. There were few to no questions answered on the hotel, what restaurants will be planned inside, and if the restaurants will open in time by September. There wasn't even a tour, save for a cramped, awkward walkabout of the 13,200-square-foot Presidential Ballroom that still resembles a "stripped-down warehouse," according to Washingtonian. Once complete, Trump expects the area to be the "largest luxury ballroom in Washington, maybe the entire Washington area."

In the end, the only question Trump did accept on the $200 million conversion was from Alicia Watkins, a military veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Washington Business Journal reported that Watkins asked if the hotel would prioritize hiring veterans to which Trump responded by offering her an interview. Due to Watkins having no affiliation with any publication, Washingtonian stated that there were some suspicions that she was a campaign plant.

Despite all this, here is some of what you should expect once further details arise. The hotel will feature 228 guest rooms and 35 suites. One of the suites, dubbed the Trump Townhouse, will span 6,300 square feet and will have its own private entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue. Once complete, the suite is expected to be the largest in the District.

When it comes to how much it will cost to stay a night at the hotel, The Washington Post reported that it will be $795 per night for the most basic rooms.

For now, stay tuned for any new details on the hotel, itself. It looks like it's going to be a long and bumpy ride before Trump has anything to say on the project.

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