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Georgetown's Fairmont Hotel Undergoes Renovation

With the goal to become Washington, D.C.'s largest luxury group hotel, or a hotel with the biggest capacity for meetings, The Fairmont Hotel is expecting to complete the first phase of a renovation by April 15. By then, all 415 guest rooms will have new furnishings and carpeting, and the hotel's amphitheater will be converted into a 2,900-square-foot ballroom, called the Kennedy Ballroom. The suites will also have new furnishings and carpeting by June 1.

For the guest rooms, designers Pierre Josselin and Ayten Nuhoglu of New York-based Wimberly Interiors decided on a plum and grey color scheme with local artworks depicting Washington, D.C. throughout. The new features in each room include the wall coverings, beds and mattresses, outlets, furniture, and carpeting.

The first phase of construction began December 2015. There are further plans to renovate the center of the lobby and the courtyard with a start mid-July.