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Jenga-like Building Could Become One of Alexandria's Tallest Apartment Towers

A planned 34-story, 354-foot-high building could become one of the top five tallest residential buildings in the region. Washington Business Journal reported that the Alexandria building will house 382 units and will be part of the six-acre Carlyle Plaza Two project, which will feature a four-tower office and residential complex south of Eisenhower Avenue. The majority of the rentals will be one-bedrooms, with 31.9 percent being two-bedrooms, and 5.9 percent being studios.

Because the three rectangular blocks that make up the building are split from each other like Jenga blocks, the developers are able to create three terraces, one of which will feature a pool, reported Washington Business Journal.

The second residential building in Carlyle Plaza Two is expected to be 375 feet tall. For this first building, there are hopes to break ground by the end of this year.

In Alexandria, Zell and Hines partner to develop one of region's tallest apartment towers [Washington Business Journal]