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Arlington Chooses Architect for Ballston Bridge Redesign

More changes on their way

The pedestrian bridge connecting Ballston Common Mall to the Ballston Metro station will soon experience a major makeover. Just recently, the Arlington County government and D.C. developer of The Yards and Ballston Common Mall Forest City Washington decided that Cleveland-based studioTECHNE Architects will redesign the bridge over Wilson Boulevard.

During the redesign, the bridge will be completely reconfigured and replaced as part of a major redevelopment Forest City is launching for the Ballston Common Mall, according to a recent press release. Demolition work on the bridge will begin this June, which is the same time that the proposed bridge design will be presented to Arlington County Manager Mark Schwartz for approval.

The Mall is expected to house a new major public plaza, open-air and enclosed concourses, rooftop dining, and more. When the project is complete by 2018, the site will be renamed Ballston Quarter. For a more in-depth view as to what to expect for the renovations, check out this Curbed article from October 2014.