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From a Grow Cabinet to a Grumpy Corner Shelf, Here Are Today's Most Unique Furniture Finds on Craigslist

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Welcome to Craigslist Clearance

On Craigslist Clearance, Curbed searches through the classified advertisements website, Craigslist, in order to find the most unique, delightful, strange, and opportune furniture finds, from award-winning designer chairs to antique radios-turned-jewelry boxes. Only Craigslist listings located in the DMV area are considered.

Grow Cabinet


Seeing as how marijuana grow closets are the hottest (or at least oddest) amenity of the moment in Washington, D.C., it makes sense that a seller would think it would be a good idea to put one on the market. At the same time, don't feel restricted with options when it comes to this item. You can grow plenty of other types of herbs that are legal everywhere. Maybe basil? Everyone likes basil. If the price is a little too steep, here are other options. Unfortunately, the seller didn't provide the measurements of this closet.

PBTeen Minnie Vanity Stool, Teal Color


After less than a year of use, this teal PBTeen Minnie Vanity Stool is up for grabs and will be available to mid-April. The measurements are 20" wide x 19" deep x 25" high. On the PBTeen website, this item sells for $239 with a $10 delivery surcharge, so if this stool is in as new a condition as the seller claims, it's actually a pretty good deal. Do note however that the photo used in the Craigslist listing is a stock photo, so buyer beware.

Currey & Company 9940 Nancy Lantern

This lamp has never been installed and is in like new condition. The height spans 28'', while the width is one foot. Four bulbs fit in the Capiz Shell material finished in Antique Silver. It weighs a total of 12 pounds and is pretty fragile, so this is a pick up only.

A Super Grumpy Corner Shelf


This "very nice" corner shelf is a little scuffed up and has a few chips that could use a repair or two, but just look at that face. Look at it. This piece measures 15.25'' x 8.5'' x 8.5''. Only cash payment is accepted.

This Chandelier


Isn't it pretty? There's nothing too odd or noteworthy about this chandelier, but man is it sparkly. The seller wrote in the listing that they moved to a new home and need something different for their "table design," so this one is getting the boot. If you're not too interested in this design, in the price, or in chandeliers in general, you have the option to either find one in a different style or price range, or you can let Sia serenade you because why not?