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Georgetown Gas Station Project Switches to Plan B

See how this developer is trying to solve a "zoning snag"

Rather than follow through with a proposal that could have solved a "zoning hiccup," EastBanc Inc. has instead asked the Zoning Commission to provide an exception to a planned Georgetown project that will redevelop a gas station at 2715 Pennsylvania Ave NW. The developer's new proposal asks the Zoning Commission to allow the project to not have to comply with the 7,500-square-foot minimum area requirement, reported Washington Business Journal. The development is not capable of meeting this requirement due to it being located between federal reservations.

The project plans are for a 60-foot-high building with eight apartments, a gym, and a ground-floor 1,845-square-foot restaurant with outdoor seating. Each apartment will feature balconies and will be around 2,000 square feet.

In February 2016, Washington Business Journal reported that the first attempt EastBanc Inc. took to solving a "zoning snag" was to propose a zoning text amendment backed by the D.C. Office of Planning. This amendment would have cut the minimum size for a planned unit development to 10,000 square feet, citywide. After several zoning commissioners' objections, the proposal was withdrawn later that month.

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