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Petworth is the Hottest Neighborhood in the Nation for Home Flipping

The average gain of a home flip in the area is $337,000

It shouldn't be too big of a surprise that Petworth is very popular. Earlier this year, Curbed readers deemed the Northwest area the hottest neighborhood of 2015. Now, Petworth residents have something more to be proud of: their neighborhood is the hottest area to flip in in the nation.

According to a new report from Redfin, the average gain of a home flip in Petworth is $337,000, higher than any other neighborhood in the U.S. Other D.C. neighborhoods that fared well included Brookland ($290,000) and Brightwood ($261,000).

In October 2015, DataLensDC reported that home flipping has migrated eastward with hotspots east of H Street, north of Petworth, and east of Shaw. While mapping flipped properties as a proportion of single family home sales in neighborhoods, DataLensDC discovered that Truxton Circle and Mount Vernon Square had the highest percentage.

To see what other neighborhoods topped Redfin's list, check out the graphic below:

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